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Traveler's notebook refills / Pack of 3

Traveler's notebook refills for Traval V / Traval M and Traval S 

Pack of 3 booklets 


Regular Size (Traval V): W11cm x H21cm

Personal Size (Traval M): W9.5cm x H16.5cm

Passport Size (Traval S): W9cm x H12.7cm 


Pages: 32 sheets (64 pages)Material: 100gm Cream Plain Paper

Traveler's notebook refills / Pack of 3

  • The nature of handcrafts goods may have a few small scars and imperfections due to the maker being human. 


    Leather are organic material, and therefore can show scars or other marks of the animal’s life. 


    The grain and the colour of the leather is different on each products so it is not possible to guarantee that each product will look exact.

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